10 October 2009

Some Questions

Through what lens should we view other people?

What is the meaning of "justice?"

How should people with a holistic vision for Christ think/act relative to the issue of war?

If we are to be living embodiments of God's grace and love individually as disciples and collectively as the Church, how does our participation and/or approval of acts of violence make the love of God known?

What does the Cross say about the response to violence?

1 comment:

Kris said...

This is an issue I've been so strangely draws to in the last couple years. It always seems to come down to our view of God, especially in the Old Testament. God's justice (which I might define as God's will realized in our current condition) was established through wars of men and condoned violence. We either have to throw away the Hebrew Bible or synthesize it. Probably over several cups of good coffee...