The Girl Behind the Posts

Hello and welcome! Somehow you have stumbled across my blog, and I'm so glad you are here.

My name is Christina, a 20-something girl whose passions for Biblical studies and theology prompted this blog. I graduated from Mount Vernon Nazarene University (MVNU) with a B.A. in Biblical Studies and from Asbury Theological Seminary with a M.A. in Biblical Studies as well. I just recently attained a job teaching Biblical Studies full time this fall at MVNU for a year. 

I am probably the most balanced left-sided, right-sided brained person you will ever meet. I am a deep thinker. I am reflective and existential. I prefer logic over emotion and rationale over impulse. And yet, I am artistic. I thrive on creativity and often dread structure. 

I am an optimist and have a resilient hope that God's kingdom will come on this earth as it is in heaven. I believe strongly in Christ's love. I am a reluctant yet thoughtful pacifist. I have very strong ethics, and these morals are seen in every choice I make. I am "liberal" to some, and "narrow-minded" to others.

I am introverted and private, yet I find fulfillment in deep, meaningful, and intimate relationships. I am very generous and loyal. I often put more effort into a relationship than the other person does and sometimes suffer for it.

I like to paint, read theology, Biblical literature, and philosophy. I like running, writing, and having introspective and reflective conversations. I dislike having to mingle with large groups of people, But I'm unafraid to preach/teach in front of them. I love learning foreign languages and interacting with people from different cultures.

Jesus and his radical kingdom describe me better than I can describe myself.

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