05 April 2010

We Are Weird

I have forgotten how weird Jesus' death and resurrection really is.

On Saturday I volunteered to help out with the annual Easter egg hunt that my church hosts for the Powell community. Before the kids were let loose to devour the thousands of eggs scattered on the church property they listened as a children's pastor presented the Easter story to them.

Maybe it was because of how simple the pastor told the story. She told the very basics so that the kids could understand things like "sin" and "crucifixion." Whatever the reason was, I suddenly felt like I was hearing this story from a non-believer's perspective. I was suddenly in the parent's heads. Man, do we Christians believe some really weird things:
God had a Son whom he sent on a suicide mission to save humans from all their evil deeds. After Jesus died and rotted in his grave for 3 days his body disappeared. Some said that his disciples stole his body, but they claimed that he came back to life and appeared to them. Jesus then returned to his mothership.


This story is ridiculous. It sounds like a crazy fairytale that is even weirder than the Easter bunny. How can we believe such an incredulous tale?

And yet I find myself having to believe this. For reasons I cannot explain, I am compelled to believe that there is a God loves people so much that he is willing to do whatever it takes to be with them. No scientific fact or even Christian apologetic can ultimately prove or find reason in this story.
This story is ridiculous, but it is also powerful. It is crazy, but foolish things shame the wise. It is weird, but full of beauty.

I can give no other explanation as to why I still believe this story other than the fact that He lives in me.

"This is how we know that he lives in us: We know it by the Spirit he gave us."
- I John 3:24