For God's Sake, Think!

"Hermeneutics” is a fancy word to describe the process by which someone interprets the Bible. Every so often I blog about contexts behind certain biblical passages so that we can better understand God’s Word. I invite you to think critically about what the biblical writers are trying to communicate as I explain a passage’s background material.

Old Testament

Trash-Talking the Law - a look at the modern disparity between the Old and New Testaments

(W)holy Love - We identify love as God's most prominent characteristic, but is it?

New Testament
* Gospels

Good News - The Gospel is "good news" ... For everyone.

The Widow's Coins - What Jesus really meant when he "commended" the widow's sacrifice

* Pauline Letters

"God's Will" - How "discovering God's will" may not be as difficult as we make it out to be

* General Epistles

Antichrist(s) - a Biblical look at the popular notion of "antichrist"

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