10 February 2009

Stuck on a Treadmill

4 February

I ran on a treadmill earlier today, but I still feel like I’m on one: Running, but not going anywhere. Tomorrow begins four months of routine. I will be learning about theology, the Bible, God, and religion. I will be teaching students about theology, the Bible, God, and religion. It seems that my whole life has become devoted to the study of theology, the Bible, God, and religion.

Treadmills are so funny to me. The reading device tells you that you have run two miles, when in reality you haven’t even left the workout room. It tells you that you have gone somewhere, when you yourself know that you haven’t budged.

I get good grades, my teachers praise me for my intellect and writings, my boss compliments me on my teaching skills. It would seem as if I were getting somewhere. All of these appear to be indicators that I am maturing, growing smarter and wiser. Despite all of these indicators, glaring at me in red, digital type, I know I’m not moving.

Maybe it’s a good thing I’m not getting anywhere. I’m not quite sure where I should be going.


Shattering Statistics said...

man girly! i totally hear ya there. dude. isnt it crazy sometimes? scenery never changes on a treadmill ;) lol its rough sometimes. BUT i know when God calls us to stay on said treadmill for a little while longer- :) its always worth it cuz we can learn lots still...even when it doesnt feel that way. and hahaha im preaching to the choir and the pot callin the kettle black BUTTTTT its so hard, and im always a phone away if ya need to just ...hahaha idk talk :) I love u so much. i love what u have to say. and i love hearin about where Gods taking...er not taking u hehehe <3

Anonymous said...

When you run does your heart pound? Does sweat roll down your forehead or your muscles strain and tire?

Perhaps the change isn't in scenery or landscape. Maybe it's not even measurable like the pulse in your wrist. Maybe it's so deep that it defies our ability as the Fallen to describe it in any meaningful way. In which case, you'll never see the effect of what has been done until you're outside and realize you can run for as long as you'd desire.

In every word you speak the contemplations brought before you through the development of a personal theology which honors God and purifies our religion will have the potential to radically infuse life into those who are lost or stagnant. I hope this truth can encourage you some...

1 Corinthians 9:23-25